Hi Mike and Zapier folks!

My name is Fernando, a Product Manager living in Brazil, and I was thrilled to learn that a Product Manager position had opened at Zapier. Here is my application!


I want you!

Fernando Wants You

Rather than sending a boring email with a "cover letter", I thought I'd put up a few pages explaining who I am and show you a little bit of the path that brought me here. I apologise if this has become a bit verbose, but I'd like to take advantage of your unique application process and introduce myself more thoroughly than through a simple cover letter and resume. I do have a more traditional resume and a LinkedIn profile which you're welcome to look at as well. Hopefully, we'll get the opportunity to talk and find out if I'm a good fit for Zapier - I certainly hope so!

First of all, "tell me about yourself". My full name is Fernando Garrido Vaz. I am currently 37, married, two daughters ages 6 and 2 and a boy on the way. I live in Lages, in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil. It's the second southernmost state of the country, and it's up in the mountains, so occasionally it snows here - did you know that about Brazil?

I have lived in England twice - from 1980 to 1981 and from 1990 to 1994. That's where I learned to speak English, so sometimes I might use more letters than normal to spell things. But the real reason I mention this is that living abroad as a teenager shaped who I am today. Being a stranger and a foreigner makes you very good at adaptation. Also, as an immigrant you end up meeting lots of other immigrants, and you learn that there are lots of different ways to go about life and to do the same things you do, and they all work, even though sometimes they're very different. This sense of empathy and of seeing a situation through someone else's eyes has become a useful skill. I also learned how to play cricket, though that has been less useful.

Nowadays I really love staying at home with my family, playing with my two dogs (an elderly Schnauzer and a very young Golden Retriever), and trying to play the blues on my acoustic guitar.

I believe that by applying my interest in using data to drive optimization, I can contribute to Zapier's trajectory of growth. And by drawing from my experience as Product Owner and Product Manager we can make Zapier's vision accessible to more and more people, making their lives easier through the smart use of technology.

My dogs!

A happy Fernando at Guitar Center A happy Fernando surrounded by dogs and guitars

You can read some more about things that I care about by heading over to my blog or to my Twitter account.