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What should I learn? The start of an experiment

I’ve started on a new journey this year. I’ve always been fascinated by online learning. So much so, that I started a product in that area as a side project. Even though that project has stalled, my interest in the area has not.

I’ve always been fascinated by the transformative power of online learning. It allows people, to give just one very cool example, to take Cosmology lessons for free from a Nobel Prize winner. I am a hugely curious person for whom the wide availability of online courses is an enormous blessing, and I would love to figure out ways to help that sort of opportunity reach even more people.

In order to further explore that field, I have decided to (re?)start with a newsletter. My feeling is that a newsletter is an easy way to deliver value in a certain area, and to establish a channel through which I can measure interest and run experiments.

This new project has a number of different goals. The first one, obviously, is to take good quality, relevant courses to the great people who sign up to the newsletter. But beyond that, this is also a customer development exercise. I am interested in learning how people interact with the content I provide, and I will introduce different ideas in the newsletter to gauge what kind of different, additional products or services people will show interest in.

The results that I get from these tests will define what other experiments I will spend time on. My head is brimming with ideas, and my natural instinct is just to go ahead and start executing on them. But not this time. I want to see how people consume this content, and I want to talk to some of my subscribers. Only then, after I have a better idea of what problems people are trying to address when they subscribe to a newsletter like the one I am writing, will I attempt other products and services. So, in many senses, this is a long term project that I hope to grow slowly as I experiment with a bunch of different content ideas.

If you’re also interested in the possibilities that online learning provides, if you’re looking to learn skills required to build online products but don’t want to spend hours browsing through course catalogs, or are interested to see how my customer development experiments turn out, sign up for the newsletter and let’s keep in touch!

What should I learn? The start of an experiment
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