Fernando Garrido Vaz


Different approaches to time management

As the year draws to an end, many of us are reviewing things that went well and making plans to improve in the coming year. For me, as is often the case, I am pondering how I can become more productive and achieve more of my goals. My starting point for this “reflection” will be […]

In defense of the to-do list

As you may know, I have embarked on my very own personal crusade to recover my time management chops, and I have been dilligently following my plan which focuses on applying the Pomodoro Technique, tracking my productivity and planning my days with a to-do list. It was with not a little surprise, then, that I […]

How I have lost my edge, and how I will get it back

I have lost my edge. Now that I’ve realized that, I need to figure out how to get it back. I used to be really great at time management, but nowadays I once again get that familiar feeling of having achieved nothing during the day, and of not knowing what to do next. First a […]

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