Fernando Garrido Vaz


Opinion or data?

When making product decisions, should you rely on your intuition or on data? I have previously written about how to become more data-driven, and I have also written about the perils of becoming data-driven. So, which is it? Naturally, both are important. A product without a vision guided by intuition will fail, as will one […]

Here’s how you become data-driven (in six easy steps)

A quick browse around any sample of startup or product management-related blogs will quickly convince you of the need to become “data driven”. Lots of people are now aware of the benefits of leveraging data to inform your product decisions (even though there are some traps to avoid). However, it can be tricky figuring out […]

The perils of becoming data-driven

The tech world is second only to the fashion world in the speed at which new trends are adopted. At early-stage startups then, the pace is staggering. A couple of years ago, SEO was all the rage. Now it doesn’t matter anymore, but we should all have a content marketing strategy. A few years back […]

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