What happens when you put a price on your time?

Now everything has a price tag attached. How much does an hour with your kids cost? What about an early morning walk? Going to the gym costs your monthly membership, plus the hours that you will spend there.

“Work-life separation” ceases to exist.

This is not only bad for your personal life, if such a thing exists. It’s bad for your work. When you drag on through a day where you’re clearly not getting anything done, you’re setting yourself up for an even worse day tomorrow. How much more productive could you be if you could take a thirty minute break? To put things in perspective, an office worker can get up and go have coffee. Perhaps meet some people in the cafeteria or go down to the local coffee shop. This won’t cost you anything other than the price of the coffee you buy. You will not be adding up in your mind the money you’re losing by not working.

Thinking like this is trap.