Fernando Garrido Vaz

If I Were on Friends I Would be Chandler Bing

If I was a character from Friends†, I would be Chandler Bing – the guy who nobody knows what he does at work. It’s easy if you’re a doctor, a plumber or a lawyer. But what the heck does a Product Manager do? My own situation is not helped by the fact that I work […]

Fast vs. Slow Decision-Making

Common business lore has it that businesses that make decisions fast are at an advantage over those that are slower at decision making. Is that always the case? Are there situations in which you would be better off taking your time? Earlier this week I was considering a change of direction for a personal project. […]

What should I learn? The start of an experiment

I’ve started on a new journey this year. I’ve always been fascinated by online learning. So much so, that I started a product in that area as a side project. Even though that project has stalled, my interest in the area has not. I’ve always been fascinated by the transformative power of online learning. It […]

Thank you for subscribing!

I am really happy that you’ve chosen to join me in cultivating a beginner’s mindset through studying and learning new skills. Remember, a rolling stone gathers no moss, so keep moving, keep learning! Expect the first email to arrive shortly. In the meantime, why not take a look at some of the previous posts I […]

Want to build killer products?

Then you have to keep learning In any profession, we should always strive to keep curious and to cultivate a beginner’s mindset. Always learn, so you always improve. Rolling stones gather no moss, as the famous philosopher Robert Allen Zimmerman once said paraphrasing one of our Mediterranean forebears. What do you need to learn to […]

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