Then you have to keep learning

In any profession, we should always strive to keep curious and to cultivate a beginner’s mindset. Always learn, so you always improve. Rolling stones gather no moss, as the famous philosopher Robert Allen Zimmerman once said paraphrasing one of our Mediterranean forebears.

What do you need to learn to build great products?

What should you learn, though? This is a question that is particularly tough for Product Managers or for anyone looking to build an online product. The skillset required is very broad. For Product Managers, this role often sits smack in the middle of a bunch of different areas. To make matters worse, product management means different things for different companies. Some require technical experience. Others require design knowledge. Others might want Product Managers focused on user research or data-driven optimization. Or none of those. Or all of those together.

Spend your time actually learning, rather than looking for courses.

I was facing this challenge, so I started looking up courses that I could take online to help me advance my skills. But the wide variety of courses that you can take is just staggering, and you end up spending so much of your free time just looking for the good ones, rather than actually learning something. That is why I decided to put together this newsletter. To help others spend their time actually learning, rather than combing through the interwebs looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack that is the current market for online courses.

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