Fernando Garrido Vaz

The remote handicap

Remote work is all the rage these days. Its adoption is growing across both small startups and large enterprises, despite some very public setbacks. If you read the news, it seems that it can solve all of your problems – access to an infinite pool of talent, reduced fixed costs with large and expensive offices, […]

Selling your life by the hour

What happens when you put a price on your time? Now everything has a price tag attached. How much does an hour with your kids cost? What about an early morning walk? Going to the gym costs your monthly membership, plus the hours that you will spend there. “Work-life separation” ceases to exist. This is […]

So long, and thanks for all the woofs

I am taking my dog to be euthanized tomorrow. This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I am crying as I write this. This is also supposed to be a professional blog, but screw it, there’s a human being behind the professional and this human is in need of a little “writing therapy”. […]

Skills of Successful Remote Workers

Remote work is becoming mainstream. A recent study by Stack Overflow showed that a remote arrangement is the second most sought-after characteristic in a job, beating things like health insurance and expected work hours. The skills that make for a good person to work with in any setting also apply to someone you will work […]

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